Homebirth Midwifery

River Birch Midwifery provides homebirth midwifery care to healthy, low-risk clients. It is important for you and your family to feel confident and comfortable with your care provider. River Birch Midwifery offers a free one hour consultation for homebirth to provide the opportunity for us to meet, discuss options and ask questions. Consultations take place at my office at the Grand Rapids Wellness Collective.

Prenatal care begins after you decide to have River Birch Midwifery as your primary care provider for pregnancy and birth. Each visit includes physical, emotional and social assessments of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. Care also includes a complete health history and physical exam, nutritional counseling, developing a postpartum help plan and time to discuss any concerns and questions that arise. Visits take place at my office, last about one hour and are tailored to your needs.

Once labor begins, your birth team will join you to monitor the well-being of you and your baby. We offer hands-on support (massage, suggestions for position changes, preparing snacks, and many encouraging words) throughout your labor. If you prefer more privacy during labor, we will monitor you and your baby with minimal disturbances. Once your baby is born, we will honor your family bonding time while maintaining a low-profile as we continue to monitor you and your baby's well-being. We assist with breastfeeding, perform a complete newborn exam and tuck you into bed for a well deserved nap with your little one before we leave. Usually we will be with you 2-4 hours after your baby's birth and longer if needed.


Postpartum care begins the first day after your baby's birth and continues for the next six weeks. Each visit includes assessments of you and your baby's well-being, discussing your emotional response to birth and parenthood, providing support and education regarding any questions, and celebrating your strength as a parent.

Prenatal Care Schedule
Monthly visits until 28 weeks
Bi-weekly visits until 36 weeks
Weekly visits until birth

Postpartum Care Schedule
1 & 3 day home visit
1 week home visit
2 or 3 week office visit
6 week office visit