Labor Doula

Having a skilled and knowledgable midwife act as your doula or is a great option for a planned hospital or birth center birth. As your doula, I will provide physical, emotional and informational support to you and your partner to create a birth plan and empower you to communicate effectively with your primary care providers. Labor doula care includes two prenatal meetings, labor support and one postpartum meeting. Acting as your doula, I do not provide any medical assessment during your care.

Supplemental Care

Supplemental care is designed for clients who desire the benefits of individualized prenatal care but feel safest birthing in a hospital or birth center. Supplemental care includes five prenatal visits spread out over the course of your pregnancy and includes a comprehensive nutritional evaluation and counseling, natural and herbal remedies for common pregnancy discomforts, exercises and activities to optimize your baby's position and informed choice discussion regarding all of your pregnancy screening and testing options. Supplemental care does not include medical assessment of your pregnancy.